Parexel International GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Higher demands at leading biopharmaceutical services provider

Sharp increase in demand for consumables for medical research

Parexel International is a leading global player when it comes to biopharmaceutical research services. By conducting clinical trials for its customers, Parexel® supports the testing of new medications and helps accelerate the drug approval process. There has been a sharp increase in demand for consumables needed in clinical trials stemming from coronavirus research.

Two Hänel Lean-Lift® systems for storing small items are in operation at the Parexel® site in Berlin Schönefeld, Germany.

Various materials needed for clinical trials are stored and managed centrally in the vertical lift systems. Publications, medications, laboratory consumables and medical instruments are neatly organized in stackable Euro bins stored in the Hänel lift systems.

Both Hänel Lean-Lift® systems interface seamlessly with the IPtrack® warehouse management system developed by Parexel. All storage processes and transport commands are driven and controlled by this host system.

Employees use a handheld device during the picking process.

This device helps order pickers navigate their way through the manual high-bay warehouse. When an order calls for an item stored in one of the Hänel lift systems, IPtrack® sends a transport command to the Hänel controller. The lift extractor automatically brings the requisite container to the access point.

Precise identification of requested items thanks to Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators

The compartment and sub-level indicator shows precisely where the item is located on the container to ensure error-free picking. The item designation and quantity are shown on the handheld display when the barcode on the box is scanned.

Once the pick is completed and confirmed on the handheld, the Hänel Lean-Lift® returns the container to its proper location within the system. IPtrack® simultaneously requests the next item on the pick list by sending the item data to the lift controller.

All storage and retrieval processes, along with inventory quantities, are constantly updated in the ERP system. The smooth interaction of the Hänel lifts and IPtrack® minimizes waiting times. Ladders or forklifts are not required for storage and retrieval. 

All items can be picked quickly and ergonomically. What’s more, both Hänel vertical lift systems have a height of nearly ten meters, thus providing maximum storage capacity within a minimum footprint.

The precise interaction of the Hänel lift controller and the customer’s own ERP system, along with high levels of reliability, safety, ergonomics and time savings, make the Hänel Lean-Lift® the perfect choice for the Parexel® intralogistics solution.

Parexel® and IPTrack® are trademarks of Parexel International Corporation or its affiliates.

„The installation of an automated, digitally-driven storage system significantly expands our capacity and increases our efficiency so that we can accelerate the retrieval, processing and distribution of critical supplies to patients and sites across the EU.“

Robert Müller,
Director Production, Labelling & Distribution Services
Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics