The principle is simple –

the space savings are huge!

Many offices today, both in the administrative sector and in industry, rely on paperless processing of documents and other records. 

Despite this trend, however, the originals of numerous documents still need to be archived and protected from unauthorized access. 

The Hänel Rotomat®, which has proved its worth as a storage system in industry, is the ideal archiving and document handling system for this task. Countless companies use the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel to store office stationery and supplies. 

The compact design enables over 60 % more filing capacity to be created on a minimal footprint by making use of the available room height.

Advantages of the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel

Vast storage volume on a small footprint

Example Hänel Rotomat® office carousel: Example conventional filing cabinets:

1 Rotomat® 600/115/250/305 with 10 telescopic drawers, a height of 215 cm and a width of
250 cm = 24.60 running meters of storage space

To achieve the same storage capacity, you need 14 filing cabinets each with 3 drawers and a width of
588 cm = 25.20 running meters of storage space

The comparison clearly shows:
1 Hänel Rotomat® 600/115/250/305 achieves space savings of about 60% in terms of width – while providing the same filing capacity!