Intralogistics for optimal storage processes

Optimized and smooth business processes thanks to intralogistics

Intralogistics is the term used to describe the flow of material and goods within a business enterprise. In contrast to logistics, the term intralogistics applies only to the movement of goods within an enterprise or at a particular business site. The term intralogistics was coined to specifically distinguish the internal flow of goods within a business enterprise from the transport of goods outside a business enterprises, for example through a shipping company.

Detailed design and planning with intralogistics

Today intralogistics involves detailed concepts, designs and planning for establishing smooth-running and optimized internal processes. It also includes the manufacture, installation and start-up operation of specific products and systems. Intralogistics serves as the foundation for a successful business. Thus it is vital that intralogistics are always up to date and subject to constant innovation.

Hänel - your intralogistics provider in the U.S.

According to the VDMA in Germany, the revenue generated by intralogistics providers in 2007 increased by 17 percent over the previous year. That figure reflects the enormous growth potential of intralogistics. Intelligent intralogistics are becoming increasingly important and are a vital part of today's business enterprises.

Intralogistics - optimizing material flow processes

Throughout all branches of industry, intralogistics optimize internal material flow and materials handling performance through efficient solutions that save money. Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems plays a leading role in the intralogistics market. Hänel products, such as the Hänel Lean-Lift® and the Hänel Rotomat®, are high-tech products that optimize internal processes and make intralogistics more efficient. Intelligent software concepts are also key elements in effective intralogistics. And when it comes to software, Hänel offers various solutions based on its HänelSoft® warehouse management software. 
CeMAT, the world's premier intralogistics trade fair, is held every two years in Hanover, Germany. Leading manufacturers and specialists from the intralogistics industry present their latest innovations at this event. Of course, Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems also participates in CeMAT with a stand covering more than 300 square meters for exhibiting the latest innovative solutions for efficient intralogistics.