Hänel multifunction carriers

Adaptable and versatile

The task defines the fittings

We provide customized interior fittings, tailored to the individual demands of production systems and storage logistics. The mechanical parts and carrier sets are configured according to the size and weight of the storage goods. It's this flexibility that makes the Hänel Rotomat® so cost-effective.

The Hänel multifunction carriers offer you customized, variable interior fittings that can be adapted effortlessly to your personal needs and the different article heights. This achieves maximum compaction of the storage volume.

And a wide range of accessories are available, such as plastic boxes, tool inserts, molded trays for small parts, holders for milling cutters, etc., which complement the Hänel Rotomat®, turning it into a complete logistics system that saves costs, makes optimum use of space, makes work easier and minimizes distribution times. Hänel also offers customized special-purpose holders for SMD reels, cable drums, printing rollers, rods and tubes.

The pluses

  • Hänel multifunction carriers are absolutely stable and distortion-free.
  • Variable fittings can be altered at a later date.
  • Compartment dividers, bins, drawers or loose goods – the possibilities are endless.
  • Long lifecycle and high load-bearing capacity up to 750kg per carrier, depending on the model.