Hänel EcoLoad®

Energy-efficient loading

A smart energy conservation concept is also available for the Hänel Rotomat®

As its name suggests, the Hänel Rotomat® is based on rotation and functions much like a Ferris wheel. This vertical carousel principle ensures that the Hänel storage system is very energy efficient by design when handling balanced loads.

If items put into the storage system are carefully arranged to ensure balanced payloads, the energy needed for the rotational movement of the system carriers is minimized. This is where Hänel EcoLoad® helps system operators by providing them with loading recommendations via the control terminal. What’s more, Hänel uses quality high-end components when manufacturing its storage systems – these components reduce friction and make rotational movement in the systems much smoother. 

Well-balanced loads on all of the carriers throughout the entire storage system reduce energy consumption considerably.

If items in storage are kept in balance, even heavy payloads can be moved with very little energy. Hänel EcoLoad® monitors the load status of the Hänel Rotomat® continuously.

The Hänel microprocessor controller – in conjunction with Hänel EcoLoad® tells system operators how stored items can be optimally distributed across the various carriers. This also makes sure that payloads are kept in balance when systems are in operation.

If system operators follow the recommendations, the entire inventory stored inside the storage system is kept in nearly perfect balance, and that maximizes over-all energy efficiency.

Hänel EcoLoad® reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions!