Hänel control technology: the team player for your network


Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems – among the leaders in storage and IT system integration!

Integration of Hänel storage systems in existing networks

Among the basic requirements for integrating Hänel controllers in existing enterprise networks are flexibility and having an open architecture. This has been the approach taken by Hänel for many years.

Since the mid-1980s, Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems has been offering control systems that can be integrated in various types of networks!

And since 2004 customers have been able to integrate Hänel controllers in their enterprise networks via Ethernet. At that time Hänel controllers already featured an integrated web server.

Innovative touch-screen technology was incorporated in Hänel controllers for the first time in 2006.

The MP 12 N series can be integrated directly in enterprise networks – these controllers communicate with different kinds of ERP systems without the need for additional middleware.

The MP 100 D controller manages storage system clusters and integrates them in various types of networks.

A number of data communication protocols are available as standard components to support the MP 12 N and MP 100 D control systems. For example, data communication is possible via FTP, CIFS or web services.

Of course, customers can still use their existing warehouse management solutions, if they wish.

Connectivity with all popular ERP systems has been improved considerably. Thanks to the SOAP protocol, the controller now functions as the operating terminal – in other words, all ERP system dialogs are displayed directly on the touch screen of the Hänel controller.

Data entries are booked in real time – without any conversion or buffering.

Hänel’s modern control technology satisfies nearly all the requirements associated with smooth solution integration in existing or new IT landscapes.

The modular software structure supports extreme flexibility

Especially when customers redesign their ERP environments, the versatile functions and many interface options offered by Hänel controllers deliver the flexibility needed for such projects.

The four operating modes of the Hänel MP controllers are fully integrated and ideal for responding to diverse requirements.

Support from Hänel specialists

Every one of our interfaces is absolutely reliable and can be tested with the controller simulator based on customer processes – without affecting inventory in storage. Thus productive operations can be realized very quickly. This applies to data communication with our MP 12 N-S or MP 100 D controllers, direct system control via the MP 12 N-H/HostCom and the interactive user interface of our MP 12 NHostWeb controller.

This reliability prevents idle periods in the warehouse and saves money!

Every year, Hänel experts integrate an average of some 100 storage systems operating with the Hänel controller WMS in enterprise networks throughout Germany.